Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Indian Premier League in South Africa

And with this ends all speculation - this year IPL takes its flight to South Africa. After politics uprooted the league from its home, the upcoming cricket tournament finds shelter in the lands of Barry Richards and Graeme Pollock. Though this season it is going to be a snipped version, the stake holders are happy that the deadlock has been at last broken and Indian Premier League will be staged somewhere in the planet. But what about the mass appeal of the tournament? Won’t it lose its sheen among the cricket lovers in the sub continent who turned it into a mega event right in its inaugural year?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Big TV Slips Away from Indian Premier League

The economic downturn already took its toll on the second edition of Indian Premier League; now it is turn of Big TV to add some more salt to its injuries by rolling back on a US$31.16 million deal.

$31.16 million is a colossal figure and this is what the Indian Premier League is going to lose out just ahead of the second Indian Premier League. Citing the reason of “contractual violation”, the Big TV has pulled out from the indian premier League contract and that comes as a severe blow for the recession-hit domestic cricket extravaganza.

With just over a month to go by, Indian Premier League takes the shape of a platform for corporate warfare. With three warring sides at each end, it has been turned into a dispute-triangle. If BCCI is on the top of the triangle, Ambani-owned Big TV and Sony TV are on the other two ends of the triangle. Sony’s contract with Airtel---a competitor of Reliance owned Big TV--- has landed it in soup. With Big TV accusing BCCI of contractual violation and BCCI threatening the Sony of termination of the contract, it is the television entertainment giant that seems to have hit the wall.

Indian Premier League Sponsorships

Now with the unceremonious exit of Kunal Dasgupta from Sony Entertainment Television (SET), uncertainty prevails in respect of Sony’s Indian Premier League (IPL) sponsorship and rumours are now doing the rounds that Sony owes IPL a lot of money; some estimates in the cricket news put it at Rs150 crores. There are also rumours about Rs. 600 crore bank guarantees that have not been provided this year.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Indian Premier League - With out Pointing

Even as the Australian National Cricket Team are preparing themselves for what will undoubtedly be a grueling tour in South Africa, what may also be playing upon the minds of some of the players is the upcoming Indian Premier League Series. According to recent cricket news, there is a strong doubt about Ricky Ponting and David Hussey being able to play this year’s IPL fixtures. The two Aussies, who are part of the Kolkata Knight Riders, (Shahrukh Khan’s team) are a question mark for the IPL this year.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Indian Premier League The Future

How would you like to earn enough money within six weeks to ensure you and your family never have to worry about cash problems again?

Cricket to change forever

Well if you're one of the world's top cricketers then your luck is in - that is unless you are English.

The controversial Indian Premier League begins later with 14 of the top players raking in over £400,000 each to play in a maximum of fourteen 20-over-a-side matches.

But the governing body of English cricket has told the national team's centrally contracted players they are banned from taking part.

Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting will be there earning nearly half-a-million pounds. West Indian legend Chris Gayle has signed up for the chance to play in front of sell-out crowds.

Kiwi wicketkeeper Brendan McCullum will play - missing the start of their tour to England this summer.

And Pakistan, Sri Lankaand South Africa have allowed players to cash in on the franchise.

But the likes of Kevin Peitersen and Paul Collingwood will be forced to play in front of pathetically small crowds at home, dodging the rain and snow.

No matter what cricket fans in England say - and they are an amazingly loyal and knowledgeable bunch - the county system is boring as hell - just look at the meagre crowds.

There is little interest from the public and little incentive for the best players to turn out after gruelling tours in their ever-increasing test schedule.

Whether the purists like it or not - the IPL is here to stay and WILL change the face of cricket for ever.

England bosses are contemplating a deal with a US moneyman that could see the most lucrative one-off match played later this year in the West Indies.

That's just window dressing - a way to take the players' minds off the real deal.

If England bosses continue to ignore the riches offered to their best players - they do it at their peril. Test cricket is the most important facet of the game.

And the ECB has to do everything to safeguard its future. Ignoring the IPL, and having no influence on how it shapes the modern game would be catastrophic

Pietersen is one of the best players in the world right now - and all he wants is the same opportunities as his test opponents.

Stop this pussy-footing around and let him. Otherwise he might take more drastic action - and our best players may follow.

IPL - Bangalore Royal Challengers

Pietersen is most likely to replace Dravid as captain of Bangalore Royal Challengers . What makes Jennings vote for Pietersen as the most eligible captain? Learn from this Cricket360 report.
The way our bosses at Loksabha go for a reshuffle of his team at cabinet when everything does not go well, the same way, Royal Challenger top boss Mallya hinted at a restructuring of the top order of his team which fared miserably in the first edition of Indian Premier League finishing off just second from the bottom. So the piece of cricket news that Pietersen is likely to lead Bangalore Royal Challengers in the second edition of Indian Premier League did not come as a big surprise. After the conclusion of the players’ auction and bagging the former skipper of England for an astronomic $1.55 million, Mallya made it clear that a change in the captain’s post is imminent.

IPL Teams - Economic Crisis

No matter that Forbes thinks the economic crisis has bypassed Indian Cricket , a recent, extremely disturbing cricket rumour was doing the rounds that Mumbai Indians, Bangalore Royals and Deccan Chargers have bankruptcy staring them on the face. A popular TV channel recently reported the cricket news that these teams are facing dire straits, financially speaking and that they are confronting the idea of bankruptcy and even preparing for it! This is unconfirmed cricket news and has not yet been corroborated. However the news channel did say that bankruptcy was not out of the realm of possibility for these teams.

Though what seems very difficult to imagine is anything owned by Mr. Vijay Mallya having to contemplate bankruptcy. What is also very strange sounding is, if a Indian Premier League cricket team was in fact in fact is such financial troubles, why it would go to the extent of paying an astronomical sum for the acquisition of a player like Kevin Pietersen (who was bought for the all time highest price of USD 1.55 million). We shall bring you the latest on this developing story.