Friday, February 20, 2009

Big TV Slips Away from Indian Premier League

The economic downturn already took its toll on the second edition of Indian Premier League; now it is turn of Big TV to add some more salt to its injuries by rolling back on a US$31.16 million deal.

$31.16 million is a colossal figure and this is what the Indian Premier League is going to lose out just ahead of the second Indian Premier League. Citing the reason of “contractual violation”, the Big TV has pulled out from the indian premier League contract and that comes as a severe blow for the recession-hit domestic cricket extravaganza.

With just over a month to go by, Indian Premier League takes the shape of a platform for corporate warfare. With three warring sides at each end, it has been turned into a dispute-triangle. If BCCI is on the top of the triangle, Ambani-owned Big TV and Sony TV are on the other two ends of the triangle. Sony’s contract with Airtel---a competitor of Reliance owned Big TV--- has landed it in soup. With Big TV accusing BCCI of contractual violation and BCCI threatening the Sony of termination of the contract, it is the television entertainment giant that seems to have hit the wall.

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