Monday, February 16, 2009

IPL Teams - Economic Crisis

No matter that Forbes thinks the economic crisis has bypassed Indian Cricket , a recent, extremely disturbing cricket rumour was doing the rounds that Mumbai Indians, Bangalore Royals and Deccan Chargers have bankruptcy staring them on the face. A popular TV channel recently reported the cricket news that these teams are facing dire straits, financially speaking and that they are confronting the idea of bankruptcy and even preparing for it! This is unconfirmed cricket news and has not yet been corroborated. However the news channel did say that bankruptcy was not out of the realm of possibility for these teams.

Though what seems very difficult to imagine is anything owned by Mr. Vijay Mallya having to contemplate bankruptcy. What is also very strange sounding is, if a Indian Premier League cricket team was in fact in fact is such financial troubles, why it would go to the extent of paying an astronomical sum for the acquisition of a player like Kevin Pietersen (who was bought for the all time highest price of USD 1.55 million). We shall bring you the latest on this developing story.

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